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Welcome to ACT Outdoor Stuctures LIC2017888 we are a premium seller and stockist of Steel Chief range of sheds. 


Steel Chief


Steel Chief sheds are one of the most attractive and durable sheds on the market manufactured to withstand the harsh Australian environment.

There are a large variety of shapes and sizes available in a range of desirable colors. Each shed is backed by a 15 year warranty from the manufacturer a quick call to me Colin 0410324273 and i will be able to provide the information that you are after. please visit

ACT Outdoor Storage also supports Convoy for Cancer 

For those that are interested Colin has built a new toy (Barrow Mate) this is a electric powered wheel barrow, all you have to do is lift handles guide the barrow where it needs to go push the button and it gets powered along at a comfortable walking pace, so far it has proven to move 1 cubic meter of concrete on three occasions different distances and evan up planks to scale a three step retaining wall in about 25 min. If interested you are welcom to give Colin a call. 

A big big thank you to Colin and Courtney for the supply and install of my clock house timber room it is everything i expected, i now have a fabulouse 5m x 4m sewing room will send photoes later Wendy